A Case of Dislocation of the Sacrum

J. T. Jones
1878 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Ny 6.6t,I8j] TH B-BRIT%SH MDICA4L 70.UR. LNM A PHYSMCIAN'S INTEREST IN ANTISEPTIC SURGERY.* -q3y? TI (IFFOD; ALLBUTT, M.A., M.D., TPhy#ician to the General Infirmary, Leeds. [IN-Acknowledglng-the honour of his election to-the presidential chair, Dr. Clifford Alltutt spoke with warm grtitude to the profession in Yorkshire for the kindly welcome which he received on coming to Leeds -nearly twenty years ago; and for the generous confidence and friendship extended to him from that time to the
more » ... t. He spoke of the sense of brotherhood existing among the medical men in the neighbourhood, which he attributed to the example of those fathers of the profession who founded the Leeds Medical School. He said, continuing.] " I-can never forget the admiration with which, on my first coming to Leeds and visiting the operating theatre of that hospital, I saw Mr. Samuel Smith, Mr. Teale and Mr. Hey, all as earnestly and self-forgetfully busy with the operations of each as three schoolboys might be with their Latin verses; not hesitating to counsel and correct each other, not caring to claim shares in a com4lon success. And the world knows how great were the successes of these distinguished surgeons. As it was then, so it is now at the Leeds Infirmary; caring more for their art than for themselves, the triumphs of each are the honour of all. This perfect freedom of intercourse and the ready passage not only,of public, but also. of. private patients from one member, of the staff to another. fayour the progress of surgery and medicine,. and purges.them Qf individual narrowness. It is my good fortune, by entertng into thi, cQmnradqhip with my fellows, to have found material and found help, in working. with the ophthalmoscope awid, in labourirg, at many diffiqulties,which.lie.on the confines of medicine and su,rgery." Dr.. Allbutt went on to say that a physician's interest in antiseptic surgery was profound. That, while the study of the humane arts, had taught, men. the granldeur and also the subtilty of human actions and -human thoughts, modern science was teaching not. only the granideur of creation, but aso ,that other infinity--the. infinity of the infinitely little. By the genius of Professor, Lister, he had been shown a new study by
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