Textural characteristics, mode of transportation and depositional environment of the Cretaceous sandstone in the Bredasdorp Basin, off the south coast of South Africa: Evidence from grain size analysis

Temitope Love Baiyegunhi, Kuiwu Liu, Oswald Gwavava, Christopher Baiyegunhi
2020 Open Geosciences  
AbstractA total of 92 representative sandstone samples of the Bredasdorp Basin in boreholes E-AH1, E-AJ1, E-BA1, E-BB1 and E-D3 have been investigated for their grain size characteristics. Grain size textural parameters and their cross plots, linear discriminate functions (LDFs), C–M (C = first percentile and M = median) diagram and log–probability plots were calculated and interpreted to understand the mode of transportation and hydrodynamic conditions and also to unravel the depositional
more » ... e depositional environments of the sediments. The grain size textural parameters revealed that the Bredasdorp sandstones are unimodal, predominantly fine-grained, moderately well-sorted, mesokurtic and near symmetrical. The bivariate plots of grain size textural parameters indicate that the depositional environments had been influenced mainly by river/beach/coastal dune conditions. The LDF plots show that the sediments are turbidity current deposits in a shallow marine environment. The C–M diagram revealed that the studied sandstones were mainly deposited by traction currents and beach process. In addition, the grain size log–probability curves and C–M diagram show the predominance of suspension and saltation modes of sediment transportation. Based on the inter-relationship of the various statistical parameters, it is deduced that the Bredasdorp Basin are mainly shallow marine deposits with signature of beach and coastal river processes.
doi:10.1515/geo-2020-0135 fatcat:65vzdffesbfljnv5rcotdfpqt4