Flashes from the Orient, or a Thousand and One Mornings with Poesy

1911 Nature  
NATURE 371 ce<e, and other plants that are generally recognised to be suitable for the purpose. The chief essentials to success are carefully prepared soil, good lighting, judicious watering, and, in many cases, an unheated mom for winter storage; the good results observable in cottage rooms are quite in accord with the last condition. The author first instructs in general processes, such as watering, potting, sowing, and the like, and then gives special directions for each plant or group ?f
more » ... ilar plants, arranging them according to hab1t. The instructions are full, clear and explanatory, so that anyone with an ambition for cultivating such plants as those named above without a greenhouse will be well advised to consult the book and work upon the lines indicated.
doi:10.1038/085371a0 fatcat:frp2oqw5wraurozf7c4q3vfydm