The M-Polynomial and Topological Indices of Generalized Möbius Ladder and Its Line Graph [article]

Abdul Rauf Nizami, Muhammad Idrees, Numan Amin
2017 arXiv   pre-print
The M-polynomial was introduced by Deutsch and Klavžar in 2015 as a graph polynomial to provide an easy way to find closed formulas of degree-based topological indices, which are used to predict physical, chemical, and pharmacological properties of organic molecules. In this paper we give general closed forms of the M-polynomial of the generalized Möbius ladder and its line graph. We also compute Zagreb Indices, generalized Randić indices, and symmetric division index of these graphs via the M-polynomial.
arXiv:1708.08207v1 fatcat:ny2vuizp5rghjnal5tdbovabuq