Problems of Forming Logistics Links in Building Sphere

Galina Pivovarova, Tatyana Tretyachenko, Svetlana Sogomonyan, Elena Kulkova
2020 Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics, Management and Technologies 2020 (ICEMT 2020)   unpublished
The development of logistics in the domestic economy is significantly behind this process in developed countries, both in terms of its accessibility for business entities and in terms of implemented competencies. This is largely due to the use of hierarchical forms of organization of logistics activities, which hinder the efficiency of management decisions in the field of logistics, as well as prevent rapid adaptation to dynamically changing business conditions. This situation for construction
more » ... n for construction business entities is compounded by the lack of a well-established mechanism for their work in the construction market, taking into account changes in legislation on shared-equity construction, as well as the need for early reorientation from narrowfunctional construction work to solving additional consumer problems, increasing the use of technological innovations in the construction sector that change the concept of organizing business processes, relations in the coordinates of "construction firm-consumer". In this regard, it becomes necessary to rethink the approach to organizing logistics activities, which should focus on dynamic relationships between construction organizations, customers, banking structures, investors, construction industry enterprises, supply organizations and transport structures. These circumstances increase the interest in the business environment to the problems of construction logistics, the transformation of construction organizations into real logistics systems that can provide not only a significant economic, but also social effect, since the problem has a pronounced social character. This determined the relevance of the study of the problems of organizing logistics activities in construction and its purpose-the development of theoretical views on the logistics of construction in modern conditions, which will determine the scientific and methodological approaches to the process of creating logistics systems of construction organizations. As the main methods of research on the problems of construction logistics, we used both General scientific methods of knowledge, which allow us to objectively and comprehensively study the conceptual provisions of logistics activities in construction, and private methods (system and complex approaches, dialectical method of scientific knowledge, comparativeanalytical, situational analysis). The main results of the research are the clarification of the categorical logistics apparatus through the formation of methodological approaches to improving the construction management mechanism that is adequate to changing business conditions. The results can be used for research in the field of logistics management at the level of a construction company and the economy of the region.
doi:10.2991/aebmr.k.200509.092 fatcat:4ca4ooa3tfdmdf37txihvrzep4