Alan Byrnes, G. Paul Willhite, Don Green, Martin Dubois, Richard Pancake, Timothy Carr, W. Lynn Watney, John Doveton, Willard Guy, Rodney Reynolds, Rajesh Kunjithaya, Dave Murfin (+7 others)
2002 unpublished
Progress is reported for the period from April 1, 2003 to June 30, 2003 . The pilot water injection plant became operational 4/18/03 and began long-term injection in the CO2I#1 on 4/23/03. The CO2I#1 exhibits sufficient injectivity for pilot requirements with average absolute permeability surrounding this well equal to ~85 millidarcies. Response to injection in the CO2I#1 has established that conductivity between CO2I#1 and CO2#12, #10, #18 and TB Carter #5 is sufficient for the demonstration.
more » ... orkovers of the CO2#16 and CO2#13 were completed in April and May, respectively. Pressure response indicates #16 communicates with the flood pattern area but core, swab-test, and pressure response data indicate permeability surrounding #16 is not adequate to maintain the production rates needed to support the original pattern as the well is presently completed. Decisions concerning possible further testing and stimulation have been postponed until after testing of the #13 is complete. Production rates for the #13 are consistent with a surrounding reservoir average absolute permeability of ~80 md. However, pressure and rate tests results, partially due to the nature of the testing conducted to date, have not confirmed the nature of the CO2I#1-CO2#13 conductivity. A build-up test and conductivity test are planned to begin the first weeks of the next quarter to obtain reservoir properties data and establish the connectivity and conductivity between CO2 I-1 and CO2 #13. A new geomodel of the pattern area has been developed based on core from #16 and the new wireline logs from the #10, #12, #16, and #13. The new geomodel is currently being incorporated into the basic calculations of reservoir volume and flood design and predicted response as well as the reservoir simulators. Murfin signed a letter agreement with FLOCO2 of Odessa, TX for supply of CO2 storage and injection equipment. Technology transfer activities have included presentations to the Environmental Protection Agency, Prof. Accountants Soc. of KS, Am. Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists, and a US Congressional aide staff member. The Associated Press also released a story concerning the project that was picked up by many Kansas newspapers.
doi:10.2172/808962 fatcat:t5q7ottkiramfnnpdlt6vj3hiy