Muhammad Yusran Lalogau, Abdul Rauf, Hasrun Abdullah
2019 Journal of Indonesian Tropical Fisheries  
This study aims to conduct spatial and temporal analysis of boat chart fisheries in BarruRegency by (1) mapping potential fishing areas, (2) analyzing the status of fish resource utilization inthe Boat chart in Sumpang Binangae Village, Barru Regency. This research was conducted inFebruary-March 2019 in the waters of Barru Regency which is a fishing base boat chart in SumpangBinangae Village, Barru Regency. The data used are catch data and fishing location data as well asoceanographic data (sea
more » ... nographic data (sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a concentration) in February andMarch 2019 collected from the download of Satellite Images, Provincial Fisheries Service statisticsfrom 2007-2017 to Barru Regency area. Analysis of the determination of potential fishing areas withboat charts using geographic information systems (GIS), analyzing the status of utilization of fisheriesresources is used analysis of maximum sustainable potential (MSY) and optimum fishing (fopt) byanalyzing the effort of catch per unit effort (CPUE). The results showed that Sea surface temperature(SST) in February and March of small pelagic fish in the waters of Barru Regency favored warmwaters with a range of SST 28.61 oC - 29.7 oC waters and productivity of Chlorophyll-a range of0.44-0.0 94 mg / m3. The highest catch in March is in the waters of the western part of Barru Regency,which is 1391 - 2060 Kg. Utilization rate (Tp) Anchovy in the new regency in the last 10 years, namelyin 2008 - 2017 has not yet passed JTB so that its utilization still needs to be improved.
doi:10.33096/joint-fish.v2i1.43 fatcat:qnfa3lvvzjddli2k6hg7sjgqpi