Hour-long continuous operation of a tabletop soft x-ray laser at 50-100 Hz repetition rate

Brendan A. Reagan, Wei Li, Lukasz Urbanski, Keith A. Wernsing, Chase Salsbury, Cory Baumgarten, Mario C. Marconi, Carmen. S. Menoni, Jorge J. Rocca
2013 Optics Express  
We report the uninterrupted operation of an 18.9 nm wavelength tabletop soft x-ray laser at 100 Hz repetition rate for extended periods of time. An average power of about 0.1 mW was obtained by irradiating a Mo target with pulses from a compact diode-pumped chirped pulse amplification Yb:YAG laser. Series of up to 1.8 x 10 5 consecutive laser pulses of ~1 µJ energy were generated by displacing the surface of a high shot-capacity rotating molybdenum target by ~2 µm between laser shots. As a
more » ... er shots. As a proof-of-principle demonstration of the use of this compact ultrashort wavelength laser in applications requiring a high average power coherent beam, we lithographically printed an array of nanometer-scale features using coherent Talbot self-imaging.
doi:10.1364/oe.21.028380 pmid:24514347 fatcat:uahfaiolg5benns4xpezfjif2y