EngagedScholarship@CSU Making Waves: Bacon, Manley, and the Shifting Rhetorics of Opulent At(A)Lantis MAKING WAVES: BACON, MANLEY, AND THE SHIFTING RHETORICS OF OPULENT AT(A)LANTIS

Alex Nielsen, Alex Nielsen
2012 unpublished
In the modern critical environment, there has been a renewed interest in the role that proto-feminist and feminist satires have played in the development of cultural commentary and the modern novel. Lesser-studied works have seen several new approaches applied by critics such as Rachel Carnell, Rebecca Bullard, and Ruth Herman, who have focused on the role of the genre of "secret history" in the popular growth of the novel as a form for political dissent. Secret history, which can offer
more » ... ry glimpses into the contemporary scandals and governance of the female authors of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, is a field that, properly contextualized, can provide a new focus for previously under-appreciated works, themes, and literary strategies.