1903 The American Journal of Nursing  
night they are supplied with an ordinary mug and a small basin to hold soiled handkerchiefs, which, by the way, are made of paper. The minimum time of residence is three months. With hope, care, rest, and the beauty of their surroundings, all improve and very many entirely recover. Many questions were asked about our American hospitals and methods of nursing, and the eagerness with which my own inquiries were met and the unfailing courtesy shown me set me thinking, on with¬ drawing my footsteps
more » ... rawing my footsteps from this beautiful place, how very rich and satisfying life can be made by the knowledge we may gain every day of the practical side of it, in all its various phases, and the store of experi¬ ence we may thereby lay up for our future guidance and profit. As an able author truly says: "Were I asked what best dignifies the present and consecrates the past; what alone enables us to draw a just moral from the Tale of Life; what sheds the purest light upon our reason; what gives the firmest strength to our religion; what is best fitted to soften the heart of man and elevate his soul,-I would answer, with Lassues, it is Experience."
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