The sensor fusion design and performance analysis of unmanned vehicle for the tele-operation system

Duk-Sun Yun, Jae-Heung Shim, Min-Seok Kim, Young-Hoon Park, Jung-Ha Kim
ISIE 2001. 2001 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics Proceedings (Cat. No.01TH8570)  
The subject of this paper is sensor fusion analysis of the tele operation unmanned vehicle. The whole system target is studied in context of motor control system, algorithms for the high level control of tele operation unmanned vehicle and integration of driving simulator & unmanned vehicle. The master system has host computer and simulator, slave system is electronic vehicle system. The slave vehicle system consists of three parts. First, laser sensor system for keeping the front sensory
more » ... front sensory system and ultra sonic sensor system for keeping the side avoiding collision. Second, acceleration system and brake control system for longitudinal motion control. Third, steering control system for lateral motion control. In this research, mechanical and electronic parts are implemented to operate unmanned vehicle as a whole-integrated system. And we show the experimental result about fixed brake range test, handling performance and acceleration test. And all system is to be integrated driving simulator and unmanned vehicle.
doi:10.1109/isie.2001.931914 fatcat:xuquel37afealdct6ydhuuncbi