New Search Heuristics for Max-CSP [chapter]

Kalev Kask
2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper evaluates the power of a new scheme that generates search heuristics mechanically. This approach w as presented and evaluated rst in the context of optimization in belief networks. In this paper we extend this work to Max-CSP. The approach i n volves extracting heuristics from a parameterized approximation scheme called Mini-Bucket elimination that allows controlled trade-o between computation and accuracy. The heuristics are used to guide Branch-and-Bound and Best-First search,
more » ... performance are compared on a number of constraint problems. Our results demonstrate that both search s c hemes exploit the heuristics e ectively, permitting controlled trade-o between preprocessing for heuristic generation and search. These algorithms are compared with a state of the art complete algorithm as well as with the stochastic local search a n ytime approach, demonstrating superiority i n some problem cases. the set of edges. The degree of a variable is the number of edges incident to it.
doi:10.1007/3-540-45349-0_20 fatcat:wqqojwcmlne3vpvgrl374r23z4