Sensitive and stable vector magnetometer for operation in zero and finite fields

G. Bison, V. Bondar, P. Schmidt-Wellenburg, A. Schnabel, J. Voigt
2018 Optics Express  
We report on an optically pumped magnetometer that uses multiple laser beams to pump and probe spin-polarized Cs atoms. The selected sensor geometry allows for operation in finite magnetic fields as well as close to zero field. In finite fields the magnetometer employs free spin precession signals to determine the field modulus and direction as described in a separate publication. This publication focuses on the magnetometer operation close to zero field, which is based on a ground state Hanle
more » ... ground state Hanle resonance. The four laser beams permit the simultaneous measurement of two orthogonal magnetic field components in a differential detection scheme that greatly suppresses technical laser power noise. Sensitivities better than 54 fT/Hz 1/2 could be demonstrated simultaneously for both measurement channels in a well shielded environment. A minimum Allan deviation, limited by residual field fluctuations, of better than 40 fT was observed for integration times of 2s. The magnetometer achieves high sensitivity and stability in offset fields as well as close to zero field and is, thus, a universal tool for low frequency magnetic field measurements.
doi:10.1364/oe.26.017350 pmid:30119547 fatcat:4iunws3kcnchlo5hh5txclhiim