Cost per severe accident as an index for severe accident consequence assessment and its applications

Kampanart Silva, Yuki Ishiwatari, Shogo Takahara
2014 Reliability Engineering & System Safety  
Keywords (not more than six keywords) cost per severe accident, consequence assessment, probabilistic risk assessment (PRA), severe accident, nuclear power plant Abstract (100 -200 words) The Fukushima Accident emphasizes the need to integrate the assessments of health effects, economic impacts, social impacts and environmental impacts, in order to perform a comprehensive consequence assessment of severe accidents in nuclear power plants. "Cost per severe accident" is introduced as an index for
more » ... that purpose. The calculation methodology, including the consequence analysis using level 3 probabilistic risk assessment code OSCAAR and the calculation method of the cost per severe accident, is proposed. This methodology was applied to a virtual 1,100 MWe boiling water reactor. The breakdown of the cost per severe accident was provided. The radiation effect cost, the relocation cost and the decontamination cost were the three largest components. Sensitivity analyses were carried out, and parameters sensitive to cost per severe accident were specified. The cost per severe accident was compared with the amount of source terms, to demonstrate the performance of the cost per severe accident as an index to evaluate severe accident consequences. The ways to use the cost per severe accident for optimization of radiation protection countermeasures and for estimation of the effects of accident management strategies are discussed as its applications. Highlight (3 -5 highlight, not more than 85 characters including spaces) -Cost per severe accident is used for severe accident consequence assessment. -Assessments of health, economic, social and environmental impacts are included. -Radiation effect, relocation and decontamination costs are important cost components. -Cost per severe accident can be used to optimize radiation protection measures. -Effects of accident management can be estimated using the cost per severe accident.
doi:10.1016/j.ress.2013.11.004 fatcat:vy23x7e3i5fprokr52zfftgwwe