A New Ant Species, Temnothorax ansei sp.n. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from the Arid Environments of South-eastern Spain

Chema Catarineu, Gonzalo G Barberá, Joaquín L Reyes-López
2017 Sociobiology  
We describe here a new ant species in the genus Temnothorax, species grouplaurae, based on morphological evidence supported by other biologicalinformation. It has been discovered at two locations in southeast Spain:Pulpí (Almería) and Lorca (Murcia). This species is a member of the lauraespecies group based on the following characters: large eyes, long and erecthairs on alitrunk, petiole and postpetiole, rectangular head and metanotalgroove. Other characters unique to new species are: dark
more » ... cies are: dark brown in color,decumbent pilosity, and smooth and shiny head and pronotum. In addition,this new species is distinctly nocturnal in its activity patterns. Based on themorphological measurements of the queens and the workers, as well as ourobservations in the laboratory, we predict that this species has a dependentcolony founding. An identification key to the Iberian Peninsula species ofthe laurae group is also provided.
doi:10.13102/sociobiology.v64i2.1274 fatcat:sunaniy77bej3ez5olbt5rwf64