Aridy index over time in five ecosystems on semiarid

Otacilio Antunes Santana, José Imaña Encinas, Bárbara Alves de Sousa, Sandra Razana Silva do Monte, Valéria Sandra de Oliveira Costa
2019 Journal of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing  
The local climate change was registered over time (1992-2018) on different land use ecosystems, in Brazilian Semiarid area. The aimed of this work was to analyze aridity index in five ecosystems (Wild Caatinga, Caatinga on management, Cactaceae field, Eucalyptus reforestation, and Fabaceae crop), and to compare this index with environment variables. Meteorological towers and measures with porometer and psychrometers were carried out to collect the data. The main result was that the studied
more » ... are hotter and drier. The Fabaceae crop and Eucalyptus reforestation studied ecosystems already are on Arid classification according with registered aridity index. Wild Caatinga and Cactaceae field ecosystems are on Semiarid classification, and over time Caatinga on management ecosystem pass from Semiarid to Arid classification. The five ecosystems together are classified on Arid climate. The VPD and Ψsoil were the variables more directly proportional with Aridity index to analyzed ecosystems.
doi:10.29150/jhrs.v9.3.p138-145 fatcat:nphyf5z2ojat5fyo3bkf5th4pa