Neural Network Based Context Sensitive Sentiment Analysis

S. Suruthi, M. Pradeeba, A. Sumaiya, J.I Sheeba
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research  
Social media communication is evolving more in these days. Social networking site is being rapidly increased in recent years, which provides platform to connect people all over the world and share their interests. The conversation and the posts available in social media are unstructured in nature. So sentiment analysis will be a challenging work in this platform. These analyses are mostly performed in machine learning techniques which are less accurate than neural network methodologies. This
more » ... er is based on sentiment classification using Competitive layer neural networks and classifies the polarity of a given text whether the expressed opinion in the text is positive or negative or neutral. It determines the overall topic of the given text. Context independent sentences and implicit meaning in the text are also considered in polarity classification.
doi:10.7753/ijcatr0403.1004 fatcat:ozmn7oxktrghlgic4mgqb4pnga