Değerler Eğitimi Yöntemleriyle Desteklenen Bir Akıcı Okuma Ve Okuduğunu Anlama Çalışması

2014 Turkish Studies  
Bu makale Crosscheck sistemi tarafından taranmış ve bu sistem sonuçlarına göre orijinal bir makale olduğu tespit edilmiştir. ABSTRACT In this study, it was aimed to determine the effects of fluent reading and understanding activities supported through the values education methods upon fluent reading in a student, understanding, increasing the motivation, and developing the sense of value in students who had inadequacy at reading and understanding. For that purpose, activities were developed
more » ... were developed benefiting from the information technologies and strategies of developing reading and understanding among the values education methods, and it was performed to a student with reading-understanding inadequacy (though not physically and mentally disabled). For data collection and analysis; interview, observation, document analysis techniques and Understanding Level Scale, Environment Scale were used. It was determined in the measurements, interviews and other processes performed before the study that the students were at a worrying level in terms of reading and understanding skills. However, it was determined that the attitude and behaviors of student towards reading and understanding was positive. Then, values education supportive fluent reading and understanding activity developed by the researcher for overcoming these problems was performed. According to the measurement, observation, interview and document analysis results performed after the implementation, the students was noticed to reach free reading and understanding level. Moreover, it was also determined that the student made efforts to be successful, and developed positive attitude and behaviors related to reading and understanding. Those results revealed that values education supported fluent reading and understanding activities developed by the researcher provided contributions upon increasing the motivation and value sense, and skills of the students towards fluent reading and understanding.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.7377 fatcat:l4geyemwubbo7d5f6lrwcyss5e