Majorana and the infinite component wave equations

Roberto Casalbuoni
2007 Proceedings of Ettore Majorana's legacy and the Physics of the XXI century — PoS(EMC2006)   unpublished
I review the paper of Majorana about relativistic particles with arbitrary spin written in 1932. The main motivation for this papers was the dissatisfaction about the negative energy solutions of the Dirac equation. As such, the paper became immediately obsolete due to the almost contemporaneous discovery of the positron. However, for the first time, the unitary representations of the Lorentz group were introduced. Majorana considered two particular representations (named, after him, Majorana
more » ... presentations) which enjoy many interesting properties. A discussion about the reasons for its revival in the 60's is presented. International Conference -Ettore Majorana's legacy and the Physics of the XXI century -
doi:10.22323/1.037.0004 fatcat:wuf5coepnzfntj2mlcsixms6ly