Metallicity Measurements of Pleiades Young Dwarfs

Hitoshi Funayama, Yoichi Itoh, Yumiko Oasa, Eri Toyota, Osamu Hashimoto, Tadashi Mukai
2009 Nippon Tenmon Gakkai obun kenkyu hokoku  
We present metallicity analyses of A, F, and G stars in the Pleiades cluster. High-resolution spectroscopic observations of 25 stars were made with the HIDES spectrograph on the Okayama 1.88-m telescope and the GAOES spectrograph on the Gunma 1.5-m telescope. The resultant optical spectra had an S=N of 70-220. We measured the equivalent widths of 60 neutral iron and 15 single-ionized iron absorption lines to determine stellar parameters and metallicities. We derived the metallicities of 22
more » ... licities of 22 stars by adapting the method of equivalent-width measurements. The average metallicity was +0.03˙0.05 dex. The dispersion was comparable to the statistical uncertainties of the metallicity measurements; in addition, the metallicities of all 22 stars fell within the dispersion range, indicating their uniform metallicities. A comparison of our results with previous studies confirmed a high probability of metallicity homogeneity in Pleiades.
doi:10.1093/pasj/61.5.931 fatcat:auepzvpllbdpll5j3rfwmsrv6e