Spectral Efficiency of FBMC Over OFDM System

Significant wireless broadband technology used in various cellular standards is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) which will make use of Multi Carrier Modulated (MCM) systems. Even though OFDM has numerous advantages, it is hard to employ OFDM for complex networks. It is very hard to establish synchronization in mobile environments as it is difficult to predict the Doppler shifts of different users, which results in inter carrier interference (ICI). Further, filters associated
more » ... th OFDM carrier have comparatively large sidebands which outcomes in Out of Band (OOB) radiations. Insufficient spectral usage is provided by CP-OFDM by using more guard band. So the problems caused by traditional OFDM/CP-OFDM can be answered by employing a new system termed as Filter Bank Multi Carrier (FBMC) System. It is a form of MCM and it can be considered as an advanced cyclic-prefix (CP-OFDM). In OFDM, whole band gets filtered while in FBMC, each sub carrier band is independently filtered. The primary objective of this work is to relate the performance of 5G modulation technique such as FBMC against OFDM and to suggest an ideal waveform for 5G communication in regard to high spectral efficiency, spectral density, BER and less Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR).
doi:10.35940/ijitee.b1059.1292s319 fatcat:3uafszizb5e3nb5odppe2ewqym