The Business Competitiveness and Future Proposing of Alibaba Group

Yihao Lu, Qihang Zhang, Lifu Wang, Yi Zhang
2021 Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research   unpublished
This paper focused on analysing the core business structure, the status quo, and try to give out several proposals of the future of both the Alibaba group and the ant group, twins which occupied an indispensable position in the internet market of China. The twins have changed the lives of people in China and other countries forever, however, they have to face a changing world. So, it is valuable for us to understand them deeply. The paper analysis the twins in four aspects. The first aspect
more » ... ored Alibaba cloud, the important cloud computing service department of Alibaba from several questions which include whether the Alibaba Cloud could defeat every competitor in China and Global by the analysis of the information of financing, technology, and marketing; The second part dissect the Cainiao Network, which set up by Alibaba group and four competitive express company, and the growing ability of it with discussing the cooperation, competition, and the market capacity; The third angle, supported by the analysing of the market situation and powerful rivals of E-commerce in China or oversea, answer whether the Alibaba group could become the greatest and strongest E-commerce corporation in the world; The fourth aspect try to analysis the prosperity and the business model of the internet finance, which is the field the Ant group occupied in, and propose the future of China's fintech. Supported by former researches and analysis, the paper concludes the former four aspects. Firstly, with the Matthew Effect, Alibaba cloud could dominate the cloud computing industry in China by its technology advantages. What is more, though facing the rat race with competitors overseas, the technology and platform basic can keep Alibaba cloud on growth; Secondly, Even though the Cainiao Network are fighting fierce with other companies like JD, SF, it has a big growth space of growth and thus brings a mass benefit to Alibaba group. in the future. Thirdly, the drastic global competition makes the Alibaba group could not become the dominating company in the E-commerce field. The best ending of Alibaba is occupying a stable status in the E-commerce market with other tycoons like Amazon. Finally, the analysis of China fintech proposes the internet financial field may be direct participated by China government.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.211209.060 fatcat:zbvyvy3mznbmpk7uom5uoiyeoi