Natural User Interface a Tool in Physics Learning

Musa Abubakar Bilya
In this paper, the natural user interface technology is understood as that which allows people to use their senses in applications control, thus elucidating how technology works more naturally with the human From the use of touch screens and voice command technology, the current innovations taking place in the natural user interface, that which makes the human to computer interaction more possible, to the voice/speech platform which initiates an automated process or service, the gesture
more » ... the gesture interaction, where gestures originating from the body usually the hand or face are described. Many approaches were made using cameras and computer vision algorithms to interpret signs and languages. New inventions are bringing the possibilities of utilizing technology without the necessity of direct physical interference, elimination of any action that involves one's touch of a media or interface, making it possible to relate, have visuals, and even information advancements in people, with the computers in the forefront of advancement in technology of the present day world. Thus, this papertakes into consideration the study of the Natural User Interface (NUI) technology, hoping that in the near future, a well-designed natural user interface will be availed with computer systems becoming tremendously complicated day by day, and more autonomous.
doi:10.18535/ijetst/v3i03.22 fatcat:bcik7tckl5fh7aoz3diyeg54au