An approximate theory of the ozone isotopic effects: Rate constant ratios and pressure dependence

Yi Qin Gao, R. A. Marcus
2007 Journal of Chemical Physics  
The isotopic effects in ozone recombination reactions at low pressures are studied using an approximate theory which yields simple analytic expressions for the individual rate constant ratios, observed under "unscrambled" conditions. It is shown that the rate constant ratio between the two competing channels XYZ→ X + YZ and XYZ→ XY+ Z is mainly determined by the difference of the zero-point energies of diatomic molecules YZ and XY and by the efficiency of the deactivation of the newly formed
more » ... ited ozone molecules, whereas the mass-independent fractionation depends on a "nonstatistical" symmetry factor and the collisional deactivation efficiency. Formulas for the pressure effects on the enrichment and on the rate constant ratios are obtained, and the calculated results are compared with experiments and more exact calculations. In all cases, ratios of isotope rates and the pressure dependence of enrichments, the agreement is good. While the initial focus was on isotope effects in the formation of O 3 , predictions are made for isotope effects on ratios of rate constants in other reactions such as O + CO → CO 2 , O+NO→ NO 2 , and O + SO → SO 2 .
doi:10.1063/1.2806189 pmid:18163684 fatcat:bqkuutxp75fdxn7rwe5laoasum