Schwannoma abdominal. A propósito de un caso

Remberto González Deliz, Abraham Dimas Reyes Pérez, Javier Cruz Rodríguez
Revista Habanera de Ciencias Médicas  
Aunque es importante tener el diagnóstico preoperatorio de estos tumores, para la realización de la cirugía, no siempre se puede contar con él. Palabras clave: Schwannoma, células de Schwann, tumores de la vaina del nervio, ángulo pontocerebeloso. ABSTRACT Introduction: Schwannomas are benign tumours that originate from Schwann cells. The tumour appears predominantly in the pontocerebellar angle, in cranial pairs and in the spinal cord. Its appearance is less frequent in retro-peritoneum, in
more » ... o-peritoneum, in posterior mediastinum and pelvis. It is considered rare in the thoracic wall and at other locations. Objective: to show an infrequent case of presentation of a Schwannoma in a patient with a pre-operative diagnosis of right colon tumour. Case presentation: A 53 years old woman with an abdominal mass in right hypochondrium, weight loss and dyspepsia. The patient underwent surgery for removing the tumour. The pathological study of the surgical piece confirms the diagnosis of Schwannoma. The patient had a satisfactory evolution. Conclusions: The election treatment of Schwannomas is surgery. Although it is important to have the pre-operative diagnosis of these tumours for the realization of surgery, not always the positive diagnosis is available.
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