Analysis of Internal Signal Perturbations in DC/DC and DC/AC Converters under Arc Fault

Benjamin Vidales Luna, José Luis Monroy-Morales, Manuel Madrigal Martínez, Domingo Torres-Lucio, Serge Weber, Patrick Schweitzer
2021 Energies  
The constant increase in electrical energy consumption has led to a growth of photovoltaic installations (PV) along with the corresponding power converters for proper operation. Power electronics converters represent a challenge to maintain the system's performance and safety; one such problem is series DC Arc Fault (AF). DC AFs lead to fire risk, damaging the main bus and the loads when not detected and interrupted in time. Therefore, research about DC AFs in power electronics converters must
more » ... cs converters must be carried out to predict the behavior and help avoid damage to the system. In this work, an innovative hybrid multilevel inverter for PV applications is used to explore the effect of series DC AFs in the converters' internal signals, with the aims of setting the bases for the development of a detection system for power electronics. Both stages of conversion (DC/DC and DC/AC) are presented. In addition, the placement of the MPPT converter was considered for the tests. The AF experimental tests were performed with a generator based on the UL1699B specifications. The measurements of signals were performed in strategic points of the DC side, and changes and how to exploit them are discussed. This study contributes to a better understanding of the DC AF phenomenon and provides new insights for the development of new PV system protections.
doi:10.3390/en14113005 fatcat:wzxb544u65bbffyf7itchvgocq