Elevated POLR2F expression distinguishes basal-like human breast cancer [post]

Shahan Mamoor
2022 unpublished
Patients diagnosed with basal-like breast cancer face a more aggressive disease course and more dismal prognosis than patients diagnosed with luminal A and luminal B breast cancer molecular subtypes (1-4). We mined published microarray data (5, 6) to understand in an unbiased fashion the most distinguishing transcriptional features of tumors from patients with basal or basal-like subtype breast cancer. We observed transcriptome-wide differential expression of RNA polymerase II subunit F,
more » ... when comparing tumors of patients with basal-like breast cancer with that of other PAM50 molecular subtypes. POLR2F mRNA was present at significantly higher quantities in the tumors of patients with basal-like breast cancer. Analysis of patient survival data revealed that POLR2F primary tumor expression was correlated with recurrence-free survival in basal subtype breast cancer. Elevated POLR2F expression appears to distinguish basal-like human breast cancer from the other molecular subtypes.
doi:10.31219/osf.io/kp4t6 fatcat:oxyel6pozvd65juasjkyfqtsmu