El concepto de poder en las relaciones internacionales y la necesidad de incorporar nuevos enfoques

Nicolás Creus
2013 Estudios Internacionales  
The purpose of this article is to analyse the different conceptis of power present in the discipline of International Relations, revealing the deficiencies of traditional approaches and the need for broadening the theoretical perspective. The paper thus tries to provide the tools to reach a thorough comprehension of the concept of power. As many authors remark, it is necessary to break with the simplifying temptation of defining power exclusively in terms of resources. An important step is to
more » ... ortant step is to recognize its relational character and explore the different dimensions in which it operates. Broaden the theoretical horizons is as necessary as unavoidable.
doi:10.5354/0719-3769.2013.27372 fatcat:yp6iureqmfbvrdh7s7xq2w7vzm