A quick, simplified approach to the evaluation of combustion rate from an internal combustion engine indicator diagram

Miroljub Tomic, Slobodan Popovic, Nenad Miljic, Stojan Petrovic, Milos Cvetic, Dragan Knezevic, Zoran Jovanovic
2008 Thermal Science  
Slobodan J. POPOVI], Nenad L. MILJI], Stojan V. PETROVI], Miloš R. CVETI], Dragan M. KNEŽEVI], and Zoran S. JOVANOVI] Orig i nal sci en tific pa per In this pa per a sim pli fied pro ce dure of an in ter nal com bus tion en gine in-cyl in der pres sure re cord anal y sis has been pre sented. The method is very easy for pro gramming and pro vides quick eval u a tion of the gas tem per a ture and the rate of com bustion. It is based on the con sid er ation pro posed by Hohenberg and Killman, but
more » ... g and Killman, but enhances the ap proach by in volv ing the rate of heat trans ferred to the walls that was omit ted in the orig i nal ap proach. It en ables the eval u a tion of the com plete rate of heat re leased by com bus tion (of ten des ig nated as "gross heat re lease rate" or "fuel chem i cal en ergy re lease rate"), not only the rate of heat trans ferred to the gas (which is of ten des ig nated as "net heat re lease rate"). The ac cu racy of the method has been also an a lyzed and it is shown that the er rors caused by the sim pli fi ca tions in the model are very small, par tic u larly if the crank an gle step is also small. A several prac ti cal ap pli ca tions on re corded pres sure di a grams taken from both spark ignition and compression ignition en gine are pre sented as well.
doi:10.2298/tsci0801085t fatcat:sd5o3ciarbdz3musnth6hj563i