Effects of sintering temperature on W-Mo-Cu alloy prepared by large current electric field sintering

LIU Yan-fang, FENG Ke-qin, ZHOU Hong-ling, KE Si-xuan
2019 Journal of Materials Engineering  
The W-Mo-Cu alloy was rapidly prepared by a large current electric field sintering method at 875-1000℃. Effect of sintering temperature on microstructure, hardness and electrical conductivity was investigated. Based on the dimensional change during alloy sintering, the sintering characteristic index was obtained by fitting calculation, and the main migration mechanism of W-Mo-Cu alloy during sintering was inferred. The results show that the pores of the W-Mo-Cu alloy decrease, the relative
more » ... , the relative density, microhardness and electrical conductivity increase at the same time with the increase of sintering temperature at 875-975℃. When the sintering temperature is between 875℃ and 925℃, the densification of the alloy is mainly caused by plastic deformation instead of sintering; when the sintering temperature is higher than 925℃, the order of the main migration mechanism experienced during the densification of W-Mo-Cu alloy is plastic flow, volume diffusion, grain boundary diffusion and surface diffusion.
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2018.001160 doaj:7be6b3aa185b4878af8738dd70479245 fatcat:sb544qxv5zgetml5wip7u6g5wi