Mixed Vertical-and-Horizontal-Text Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition for Street-Level Scene

Jiefeng Guo, Rongxuan You, Lianfen Huang
2020 IEEE Access  
Much effort has been dedicated to text-based traffic sign detection and recognition. However, there are still two problems. First, unlike English traffic signs with only horizontal text, Chinese traffic signs have both horizontal and vertical text. To the best of our knowledge, there is nothing in the literature about simultaneous recognition of both horizontal and vertical text in Chinese text-based traffic signs. Second, most existing methods focus on wild and expressway scenes; few focus on
more » ... treet scenes. To solve these problems, we propose a mixed vertical-and-horizontal-text traffic sign detection and recognition algorithm for streetlevel scene. First, an effective combination of different red, green and blue components is used to distinguish the traffic signs from many objects of similar color in the very complex street scenes. Second, unlike English letters, the strokes of many Chinese characters are unconnected, which may result in that a character will be detected as two or more characters. Unlike the English text lines, which are only horizontal, the Chinese text lines on text-based traffic signs are usually both in horizontal and vertical directions. Our proposed method uses the position and structural information of the characters to form the text lines. A dataset of Chinese text-based traffic signs is collected. Experimental results indicate the effectiveness of the proposed method. INDEX TERMS Text recognition, text-based traffic sign recognition, traffic sign detection, text boxes.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2986500 fatcat:mz7pv5nuezedzjqygisbtjj6xu