The Influence of Religiosity in the Construction of Meaning from Advertising Messages Intended to Promote Lifestyle Values the influence of religiosity in the construction of meaning from advertising messages intended to promote lifestyle values

Lillian Billing
1999 unpublished
A thesis presented to the department of communications brigham young university in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree master of arts by lillian billing june 1999 commike commi4e this thesis by lillian billing is accepted in its present form by the department of communications of brigham young university as satisfying the thesis requirement for the degree of master of arts daniel A stout committee chair kathryn S lgan igan iaan agan committee member j i alien allen ailen W
more » ... mer committee member dujw e ate alien allen ailen W palmer graduate coordinator ce k A J n an j a te duew ryl ryk ABSTRACT THE INFLUENCE OF religiosity IN THE construction OF MEANING FROM advertising MESSAGES INTENDED TO PROMOTE LIFESTYLE VALUES lillian billing depart of communications master of arts religiosity has largely been ignored by consumer research as a factor in the negotiation of meaning from magazine advertisements containing lifestyle messages A meaning based study was undertaken to seek to identify its presence and emergence within a religious audience A qualitative methodology employing in depth phenomenological interviewing was designed six members of the church of jesus christ of latterday latter saints day three men and three women were invited to give their interpretations thoughts and feelings towards four magazine advertisements A second indepth in phenomenological depth interview was conducted with each participant to provide individual lifeworld life contexts world analysis employed a previously tested conceptual construct life themes to identify a paramount existential motivator unique to each participant life themes were consequently examined for influences of personal and institutional religiosity expressions of religiosity were found to be influenced by individual life themes though findings indicate conflicts with personal values derived from religiosity interpretive consensus was not found in particular incidences or on particular CIL values findings also suggest that proximity to christian lifestyle values rather than to simply mormon lifestyle values more fully suggest incidence of shared interpretive strategy in evaluating lifestyle appeals within advertising messages the study indicates that aligning a product with messages containing values that promote lifestyle conflict is not serving the best interests of the product nor its intended market acknowledgements significant support from many people has helped me to fulfill all the requirements for this degree I 1 am particularly grateful for the unfailing encouragement and guidance I 1 have received from members of the faculty and staff within the department of communications throughout all my time at brigham young university in particular daniel stout my committee chair provided unstinting scholarly focus interest and friendship throughout my studies joann valenti never failed to be an example of excellence and generosity and from whom I 1 learned so much I 1 am also in grateful debt to kathryn egan and allan palmer for their support and participation on my thesis committee finally I 1 would like to acknowledge my gratitude to those beyond the campus who contributed so much my family in england and many good and true friends in particular esme and gary anderson andersen and their family I 1