Mining The Successful Binary Combinations: Methodology and A Simple Case Study [article]

Yuval Cohen
2010 arXiv   pre-print
The importance of finding the characteristics leading to either a success or a failure is one of the driving forces of data mining. The various application areas of finding success/failure factors cover vast variety of areas such as credit risk evaluation and granting loans, micro array analysis, health factors and health risk factors, and parameter combination leading to a product success. This paper presents a new approach for making inferences about dichotomous data. The objective is to
more » ... mine rules that lead to a certain result. The method consists of four phases: in the first phase, the data is processed into a binary format of a truth table, in the second phase; rules are found by utilizing an algorithm that minimizes Boolean functions. In the third phase the rules are checked and filtered. In the fourth phase, simple rules that involve one to two features are revealed.
arXiv:1002.1159v1 fatcat:psdzlcl3t5b5bekkiul4s4wqsy