Using dynamic neural fields to understand the development of metric representations in typically developing and at-risk infant populations [thesis]

Sammy Perone
During the past half-century, the experimental use of looking measures have led to many new discoveries about the origins of cognition. Across the first year, infants' looking changes in predictable ways, they form memories more quickly, and they begin to discriminate between subtly different stimuli. However, a rich understanding of the link between looking and cognitive dynamics has yet to be achieved. This was the overarching goal of this thesis. predictive of infants' discrimination
more » ... crimination performance. These findings indicate that, indeed, looking and discrimination change together, and are linked within individuals, over development. In Experiment 3 I tested developmental change in the discrimination abilities of at-risk infants. Previous studies have shown that the looking dynamics and recognition performance of at-risk infants is delayed but, critically, follows the same developmental trajectory as typically developing infants. Consistent with these previous studies, the looking dynamics of at-risk infants did change in predictable ways over development. However, their discrimination performance did not -young at-risk infants, unlike young typically developing infants or older at-risk infants, discriminated between dissimilar familiar and novel items. Abstract Approved: _____________________________________ Thesis Supervisor _____________________________________
doi:10.17077/etd.s3lvqzhm fatcat:7euh6n76zvgdjcqxzyj432vs4u