Initial Results of Radio Occultation Observations of Earth's Atmosphere Using the Global Positioning System

E. R. Kursinski, G. A. Hajj, W. I. Bertiger, S. S. Leroy, T. K. Meehan, L. J. Romans, J. T. Schofield, D. J. McCleese, W. G. Melbourne, C. L. Thornton, T. P. Yunck, J. R. Eyre (+1 others)
1996 Science  
el; of Silurian soils as a result of pedoturbat i o~~, effectively mcreasing the average depth of soil CO, proiluction. Our results (Table 1 ) ~m p l y that atmospheric CO-, decllneil 1~y a factor of 10 from the Late S i h r i a n to the Early Permian, closely follow~ng (Fig. 4 ) a decline precllctecl hi; theoretical carbon lnais balance models (1). T h e largest decrease, hetween the Late Sil~lrian a11il Late Devonian. coincides with a of rapid evolution and diversificatlon of the terrestrial
more » ... cosystem (18). Estimates of atmospheric C02 levels from separated, time-equivalent ~-7aleosols are consistent, suggertlng that a coherent record of changing atlnospheric chem~stry is yreserl-eii In the ancient soil recorJ. REFERENCES AND NOTES 1 R A Berner Science 261, 68 (1 993) At?? J SCI 294 56 (1 994) 2 T J Crowley and G R North, Paleoc!~~rato!ogy (Oxford UI?I\/ Press, Oxford, 1991) 3 R A Berner and R Ralswell, Geochim. Cosmochlm. Acta 47. 855 11983) L R. I<ump and R M Garres At?? J. SCI 286, 377 (1 9861, R A Berner and D E Canfleld A t~i . J. SCI. 289 333 (1 9891; J M Robnson Paiaeogeogr Pa!aeocl~mato! Palaeoecol. 97, 51 (1991) 4 Geocheri~~cal proxies for measuring paleo-CO, are dscussed by J. F. Kastng [~Vature 355, 676 jl992jl and R P Berner [/old 358. 1 14 (1 99211. 5. The s o carbonate paeobarotneter [ I E C e r n g . Am. J. Sci. 291 377 (1 991 )] 1s based on studies of modern sols p E C e r n g Earin Planet Sci Lett.
doi:10.1126/science.271.5252.1107 fatcat:wesozlawenhwxcer7bxpdnysh4