The ProbeLibrary™-Expression profiling 99% of all human genes using only 90 dual-labeled real-time PCR Probes

Peter Mouritzen, Peter S. Nielsen, Nana Jacobsen, Mikkel Noerholm, Christian Lomholt, Henrik M. Pfundheller, Niels B. Ramsing, Sakari Kauppinen, Niels Tolstrup
2004 BioTechniques  
Figure 1 . The 90 pre-validated ProbeLibrary™ probes target short recurring 8-& 9-mer sequences in the human transcriptome. The web-based Assay Design Center determines probe target sites and designs intron-spanning assays. In combination, the probes and the Assay Design Center enable design of assays targeting more than 644,000 different sites in human transcripts.
doi:10.2144/04373af02 fatcat:aqufbsl7vzfrvjyqi62ww2oqfy