A Distributed Method for Constructing a P2P Overlay Multicast Network using Computational Intelligence
지능적 계산법을 이용한 분산적 P2P 오버레이 멀티케스트 네트워크 구성 기법

Jaesung Park
2012 The Journal of The Korea Institute of Intelligent Transport Systems  
In this paper, we propose a method that can construct efficiently a P2P overlay multicast network composed of many heterogeneous peers in communication bandwidth, processing power and a storage size by selecting a peer in a distributed fashion using an ant-colony theory that is one of the computational intelligence methods. The proposed method considers not only the capacity of a peer but also the number of children peers supported by the peer and the hop distance between a multicast source and
more » ... ulticast source and the peer when selecting a parent peer of a newly joining node. Thus, an P2P multicast overlay network is constructed efficiently in that the distances between a multicast source and peers are maintained small. In addition, the proposed method works in a distributed fashion in that peers use their local information to find a parent node. Thus, compared to a centralized method where a centralized server maintains and controls the overlay construction process, the proposed method scales well. Through simulations, we show that, by making a few high capacity peers support a lot of low capacity peers, the proposed method can maintain the size of overlay network small even there are a few thousands of peers in the network.
doi:10.12815/kits.2012.11.6.095 fatcat:fwbwbzoro5ctpmv3psqy7bkxai