Nursing Students' Readiness for Self-Directed Learning and Its Effect on Learning Outcome in South-West Nigeria

Guobadia Pauline Ojekou, Funmilayo A. Okanlawon
2019 Open Journal of Nursing  
Self-directed learning (SDL) uses diverse learning resources to solve identified problems in learning. Nursing is a lifelong learning profession and SDL is a valuable skill to remain relevant and productive professionals. Nursing students are expected to embrace SDL and develop these skills. However, there has been no evidence of this innovative process in South-West Nigeria. This study seeks to evaluate nursing students' readiness for SDL and its effect on learning outcome. This
more » ... This quasi-experimental study purposively utilized 229 nursing students as participants. Baseline (P1) data was collected using Gugliemino's SDL readiness scale (SDLRS) and a validated-structured questionnaire. Participants had a pre-test to assess knowledge at P1 followed by 6 weeks interaction using SDL on selected topics in Medical-surgical nursing and the same test at post-intervention (P2). Using a 50-point scale, knowledge was categorized as good ≥ 25 and poor < 25 and SDLRS on a 290-point scale was categorized as below average 5 -201, average 202 -226 and above average 227 -290. Descriptive statistics, Chi-square test, t-test and linear regression analysis were used for analysis at p = 0.05. Nursing students' SDLRS was average; mean = 203 ± 23.0. A significant difference exists between nursing students with good knowledge at P1 and P2. At P1, 39.2% had good knowledge, mean = 22.2 ± 6.3, and 90.1% at P2, mean = 30.6 ± 5.4, p < 0.05 also a significant relationship exist between SDLR and learning outcome at P2; p < 0.05. With the nursing students' average SDL readiness level having a significant effect on learning outcome. Nursing training institutions should provide necessary resources to embrace SDL as a main-line teaching method to ensure competent life-long professionals.
doi:10.4236/ojn.2019.96048 fatcat:tgzf6na4cbbrbhtv4r6f7seu4y