Sri Wuryanti, Center for Education Assessment, Ministry Education and Culture of Indonesia
2019 ICEAP Proceeding 2019   unpublished
This Literature Study Research Entitled "Utilization of the Absorption Result Score of the Indonesian National Examination SMALB-B (hearing impairment) For Mapping the Quality of Education Programs and/or Education Units especially learning". This study answers three problems, namely whether the results of the absorption of the research can be used to map the quality of education programs and/or education units? How can the results of the absorption of the Indonesian National Examination
more » ... be used as a mapping of the quality of education and/ education units? And how can national exam questions better use audio visual media, factual material, and use sign language, because they see the characteristics of children who are deaf who are very visual?. The data of this study were obtained from several data from Puspendik, journals, and books relating to National examination absorption and the use of quality programs in education units. This study uses analysis using descriptive techniques. The results of this study are the first to show that out of a total of five coverage of private Indonesian language material, the average is 7.39, and 5.96 public schools. Thus the score of the Indonesian National Examination between public SLB and private SLB in Jakarta is much higher than public schools. Both of the results of the national exams can be used to improve learning in schools, when schools utilize the results of the national exams by looking at several descriptions of examples of coverage questions. Both schools can make use of sample descriptions of material coverage questions for learning. Third, the National Exams for deaf children should be better off using audio visual, using factual texts, and some questions using Sign Language.
doi:10.26499/iceap.v0i0.225 fatcat:w5c7jcpal5gormd5wv2cmjmncy