Scattering forms, worldsheet forms and amplitudes from subspaces

Song He, Gongwang Yan, Chi Zhang, Yong Zhang
2018 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We present a general construction of two types of differential forms, based on any $(n{-}3)$-dimensional subspace in the kinematic space of $n$ massless particles. The first type is the so-called projective, scattering forms in kinematic space, while the second is defined in the moduli space of $n$-punctured Riemann spheres which we call worldsheet forms. We show that the pushforward of worldsheet forms, by summing over solutions of scattering equations, gives the corresponding scattering
more » ... ng scattering forms, which generalizes the results of [1711.09102]. The pullback of scattering forms to subspaces can have natural interpretations as amplitudes in terms of Bern-Carrasco-Johansson double-copy construction or Cachazo-He-Yuan formula. As an application of our formalism, we construct in this way a large class of $d\log$ scattering forms and worldsheet forms, which are in one-to-one correspondence with non-planar MHV leading singularities in ${\cal N}=4$ super-Yang-Mills. For every leading singularity function, we present a new determinant formula in moduli space, as well as a (combinatoric) polytope and associated scattering form in kinematic space. These include the so-called Cayley cases, where in each case the scattering form is the canonical forms of a convex polytope in the subspace, and scattering equations admit elegant rewritings as a map from the moduli space to the subspace.
doi:10.1007/jhep08(2018)040 fatcat:25mnu4lexfhzfhcu2ycrfn56k4