Kirigami‐inspired Biodesign for Applications in Healthcare

Anne Katherine Brooks, Sudesna Chakravarty, Maryam Ali, Vamsi K Yadavalli
2022 Advanced Materials  
Mechanically flexible and conformable materials and integrated devices have found diverse applications in personalized healthcare as diagnostics and therapeutics, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine constructs, surgical tools, secure systems, and assistive technologies. In order to impart optimal mechanical properties to the (bio)materials used in these applications, various strategies have been explored - from composites to structural engineering. In recent years, geometric cuts
more » ... ed by the art of paper-cutting, referred to as kirigami, have provided innovative opportunities for conferring precise mechanical properties via material removal. Kirigami-based approaches have been used for device design in areas ranging from soft bioelectronics to energy storage. In this review, we discuss the principles of kirigami-inspired engineering specifically for biomedical applications. We cover factors pertinent to their design, including cut geometry, materials, and fabrication, and the effect these parameters have on their properties and configurations. Examples of kirigami designs in healthcare are presented, such as various form factors of sensors (on skin, wearable), implantable devices, therapeutics, surgical procedures, and cellular scaffolds for regenerative medicine. Finally, the challenges and future scope for the successful translation of these biodesign concepts to broader deployment are discussed. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
doi:10.1002/adma.202109550 pmid:35073433 fatcat:4cvdchtkovdlxed2r6dry55sey