Parameter Characterization in Processing of Silver – Aluminum Based Electrical Contact Materials

S. Praveen Kumar, R. Parameshwaran, A. Ananthi, J. Jenil Jaba Sam
2017 Archives of Metallurgy and Materials  
An electrical contractor is one which plays significant role in day todays life in industries as well as in home appliances. In current scenario the materials for conducting purpose has an overwhelming research capability. Now a day the silver based electrical contact composite material have provided the potential applications in aerospace and automobile industries. Among silver based contact material the silver cadmium oxide and silver tin oxide plays a vital role in fabrication of electrical
more » ... tion of electrical contactors. In this research an attempt has been made to study the influence of adding Aluminum with silver based electrical contact composite materials by two different processing routes namely stir-casting and powder metallurgy. Silver and aluminum matrix plays a virtual role in composite world owing to their highest conductivity. Optimum parameters were identified for attaining the maximum properties such as conductivity, hardness, density, and porosity of composition. By this better conducting property and mechanical property of the electrical contact can be improved by this system. Thus a screening test has be conducted with addition of Al with silver tin oxide compositions hence this paper aims to process the aluminum - silver based electrical contact materials by stir casting processing and powder metallurgy route and compare the results obtained.
doi:10.1515/amm-2017-0287 fatcat:o23ikujyxzfeviuw57du3z337u