Comparative Lectin Histochemical Studies on Taste Buds in Five Orders of Mammals

Kazumi TANIGUCHI, Ayumu KOIDA, Ken-ichiro MUTOH
2008 Journal of Veterinary Medical Science  
Although it has been reported that specific proteins are present to take charge in the gustation in the taste buds, there have been only a few reports on the distribution of glycoconjugates binding to glycoproteins on the cellular membranes of the taste cells. In the present study, therefore, binding patters of 24 biotinylated lectins were examined in the three types of lingual papillae in five species of mammals belonging to different orders: cow (artiodactyl), horse (perissodactyl), monkey
more » ... odactyl), monkey (primate), dog (carnivore) and mouse (rodent). As the results, lectin binding patterns were different among circumvallate, foliate and fungiform papillae, among the cells of the taste buds, and among animal species. These findings suggest that the different binding patterns of the lectins in the taste papillae and taste bud cells may be involved in different sensitivities of taste among mammalian species. KEY WORDS: glycoconjugate, lectin, lingual papillae, mammalian orders, taste bud.
doi:10.1292/jvms.70.65 pmid:18250574 fatcat:vzcqq3abcfh5jibnonnrlhho3y