Assessing the impact sensitivity of explosives using the BHF-12A equipment

Cristian Rădeanu, Daniela Carmen Rus, Ilie Ciprian Jitea, Claudia Miron, Gabriel Vasilescu, V.M. Pasculescu
2020 MATEC Web of Conferences  
The paper presents the results of the theoretical and practical research on the development of the technical and methodological infrastructure for assessing the safety parameter regarding the sensitivity to impact of explosives for civil use in order to increase the degree of security in their handling and use. The currently used method for determining the sensitivity to impact is based on the provisions of harmonized European Standard SR EN 13631-4. Expression of the results implies a
more » ... implies a particular experience of the research team, the conclusion of the test being in the form of a qualitative response reaction/non reaction to different energies (J) applied to the explosive samples, based on observed effects such as: smoke, explosion noise, flame / spark with or without combustion traces on the subassembly of the specialized test equipment. In order to carry out in good conditions the installation, use and maintenance of the specialized equipment for assessing the susceptibility of the tested substances to impact stimuli, the working procedure of the Department of Explosives and Pyrotechnic Products was elaborated and implemented, PL-04 working procedure with the designation "Working procedure for the installation, use and maintenance of BFH-12A type equipment designed to assess the sensitivity of test substances to impact stimuli".
doi:10.1051/matecconf/202030500011 fatcat:7icqeddk5vc3zc3ydadozlhu2i