Oscillation criteria for third-order nonlinear differential equations

B. Baculíková, E. Elabbasy, S. Saker, J. Džurina
2008 Mathematica Slovaca  
AbstractIn this paper, we are concerned with the oscillation properties of the third order differential equation $$ \left( {b(t) \left( {[a(t)x'(t)'} \right)^\gamma } \right)^\prime + q(t)x^\gamma (t) = 0, \gamma > 0 $$. Some new sufficient conditions which insure that every solution oscillates or converges to zero are established. The obtained results extend the results known in the literature for γ = 1. Some examples are considered to illustrate our main results.
doi:10.2478/s12175-008-0068-1 fatcat:saqem73ifjauzok6e7ihxzt42i