Una mirada a la autonomía contractual

Oscar Peña Cossio
2011 Juridicas CUC  
This paper is a reflection around how the parties in a business aim to impose their criteria in the development of the contract as a mechanism to favoring its claims and looking for the best guarantees related to the compliance. The manner and design to contract obligations are influenced by the different aspects that have affected the formation of parties sign the contract future, especially aimed to their autonomy in the development of the obligations related to its aspirations, but, at this
more » ... ions, but, at this point is noted the existence of state power through its regulations, which tend to inhibit or decrease the contractual freedom of the people being an obstacle for some, for others the necessary balance in acquiring other obligations and the finding legal ways to avoid the effects of the rules governing them in lowest terms, you could even think of several steps in which the involved parties will then move according to the legal framework, knowing the possibility to reform or any part of the agreement, in both cases should be contrasted with the norm being the beginning of state intervention to ensure the compliance with the obligations assumed everyone
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