The consumer behavior of Slovak millennials in the segment of milk and dairy products within private labels

Ingrida Košičiarová, Zdenka Kádeková, Ľubica Kubicová, Jana Rybanská
2020 Potravinarstvo  
Despite the fact that the dairy industry has an important position in the food industry (with an 18% share in its total production and sales), dairy businesses are currently struggling with low consumption of milk and dairy products. According to most researchers, the low consumption of milk and dairy products is mainly due to poor eating habits and, last but not least, insufficient promotion of these products. There is also an opportunity for private labels, which are recently on the rise, for
more » ... which milk and dairy products are the most commonly purchased category of food. This paper aimed to find out how Slovak millennials perceive private labels, in which categories they buy them, what motivates them and on the contrary, discourages them from the purchase, etc. As the main research method, there was chosen the method of anonymous questionnaire survey involving 549 respondents from all over Slovakia; which was subsequently supplemented with a blind test. The submitted results of research declared that our goals were fulfilled and the following conclusions can be stated: Slovak millennials buy private labels in particular in the category of milk and dairy products, perceive private labels as an adequate alternative to their purchase and when purchasing milk and dairy products, they are mostly influenced by recommendations of family and friends and the tasting.
doi:10.5219/1404 fatcat:el6fukxmk5axzd5huxvozxs4fa