A model based on dimensional analysis for prediction of nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations at the river station Ižkovce, Slovakia

M. Zeleňáková, M. Čarnogurská, M. Šlezingr, D. Słyś, P. Purcz
2013 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences  
<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> The aim of this paper is to develop a model for pollutant concentration prediction in a stream. The developed model that determines nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in a river is based on a dimensional analysis. Application of dimensional analysis to water quality modelling is presented, pointing out possibilities of applying this methodology in water quality research. We investigate how dimensional analysis can be applied to water quality modelling and which
more » ... modelling and which benefits it can bring to researchers in this area. For modelling water quality in a water stream it is essential to know the parameters that influence water quality. The relevant parameters are flow of water in the river (discharge), its catchment area, velocity of water in the stream, temperature of water, temperature of air and measured concentrations of the pollutant – nitrogen and phosphorus. A sensitivity analysis shows that the concentration of pollutant in water stream is sensitive to changes in both water and air temperatures. The model performs well when average values are used; the prediction error increases when the single concentration values are considered. The model was developed, calibrated and evaluated using measured data from the river station Ižkovce, River Laborec in eastern Slovakia.</p>
doi:10.5194/hess-17-201-2013 fatcat:eh3sylcr2vfeblulnh7misoe6a