Leakage currents in high-permittivity thin films

Herbert Schroeder, Sam Schmitz, Paul Meuffels
2003 Applied Physics Letters  
Quite often leakage current data through high-permittivity thin films exhibit straight lines in the "Schottky" plot, i.e., log ͑current density j) versus sqrt ͑mean applied field͒, which suggests an electrode-limited current by field-enhanced thermionic emission. Unfortunately, the extracted permittivity at optical frequencies seldom is in agreement with experimental values and often is unacceptably small, i.e., Ͻ1. We suggest a model demonstrating that the leakage current in high-permittivity
more » ... hin films is bulk-limited, but still is showing the characteristic dependence of thermionic emission. This is due to a combination of boundary conditions of the model, low-permittivity thin layers ͑"dead layer"͒ at the electrodes and current injection/recombination terms at the injecting/collecting electrodes, respectively.
doi:10.1063/1.1541096 fatcat:gipqchikovf4bdc3wh4by6xxfa