Disorder-Induced Stabilization of the Pseudogap in Strongly Correlated Systems

Simone Chiesa, Prabuddha B. Chakraborty, Warren E. Pickett, Richard T. Scalettar
2008 Physical Review Letters  
The interplay of strong interaction and strong disorder, as contained in the Anderson-Hubbard model, is addressed using two non-perturbative numerical methods: the Lanczos algorithm in the grand canonical ensemble at zero temperature and Quantum Monte Carlo. We find distinctive evidence for a zero-energy anomaly which is robust upon variation of doping, disorder and interaction strength. Its similarities to, and differences from, pseudogap formation in other contexts, including perturbative
more » ... tments of interactions and disorder, classical theories of localized charges, and in the clean Hubbard model, are discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.101.086401 pmid:18764643 fatcat:bu62w7w5nfh63lnqhnxkcjdx7u